Created by the New Zealand Amateur Sport Association Inc. in 2018, the National Sport Club Survey (NSCS) generates insights about the management and operations of New Zealand’s community sport clubs.

The survey operates as a partnership between the Association and the AUT Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ). Every sport club in New Zealand is invited to participate in this annual project. That now includes more than 7,000 clubs across 90 sports and all 16 regions of New Zealand. 

The NSCS Project Team works with National Sport Organisations, Regional Sport Trusts, Regional Sport Organisations and community clubs so that NSCS insights can be used for a variety of strategic purposes.

NSCS Insights have been presented at the conferences of the Sport Management Association of Australia & New Zealand (SMAANZ) and the European Association of Sport Management (EASM). The New Zealand Herald, Otago Daily Times, Radio New Zealand and others have reported on NSCS insights.